Caving in Canmore: An Underground Adventure in Alberta

From the road, it’s less than a 30-minute hike to the entrance to Rat’s Nest and the start of a caving adventure that will get your heart rate soaring. Close to Banff, Alberta, in the quirky town of Canmore, with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop and an enthusiastic guide leading you through the woods, you’ll don red coveralls, safety gear and a headlamp before heading underground to face your fears.

Airline Credit Cards - The Best No-Fee Options

If you travel regularly, either for business or pleasure, you might have considered applying for one of the airline credit cards available on the market. You have probably already signed up for a frequent flyer program from your preferred airline. These programs allow you to collect miles or points each time you travel, and the points can be applied as discounts or benefits on future flights. However, they can take a while to accumulate, even if you travel frequently. That’s one reason why trav

Tips for your Next Niagara Falls Trip

Known for decades as a honeymooners retreat, Niagara Falls is a glittery wonderland full of casinos, attractions, and lights. That's before you even notice the natural wonder of the falls, making it an ideal weekend getaway! Here is your guide to 24 hours on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Stick to the Canadian side for the best views of all three towering water shows including the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. On this side, you’ll also find a huge selection of top
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