Adventure Girl

Hotel Review: Tubagua EcoLodge in Puerto Plata

Just twenty minutes from the packed beaches of the Puerta Plata resorts and the all-inclusive specialty hangover, Tubagua Ecolodge sits perched on rubble mountain roads, prone to the old mudslide or two. Tim, the owner, a former journalist, employs local people to round out his dream of a self-sufficient and ecologically conscious guesthouse. Like the local women who prepared us a delicious dinner of pork, peppers, and potatoes, with an amazing crunchy slaw, all enjoyed with mountain views of S
Canadian Traveller

Professional Travellers Tell Us Which Essential Items They Won't Travel Without

Seasoned travellers know that a few key essentials can make travel more convenient, organized and efficient. Phones, cameras, and passports aside, we asked our talented Canadian Traveller freelancers to name the item they'd be reluctant to leave home without. Some items surprised us, some were things you probably already own in your home, and others were downright nifty (we're looking at you ScotteVest!)
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