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How can Companies Help Female Business Travellers Stay Safe on the Road?

During a routine ride to catch a flight, Jen Ruiz, a lawyer and travel blogger, experienced one of the occasional drawbacks to travelling solo as a woman. “In Argentina, an Uber driver pulled over on the way to the airport and insisted he wanted to robar un beso, a popular term for 'steal a kiss' in Spanish,” she says. On the side of a highway, with no way out, Ruiz played along so that she could get to her destination – and, more importantly, to safety.
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14 Best Things to do in Nova Scotia With Kids

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse in Peggy’s Cove, so named after the tale of a young woman, the only survivor from a shipwreck, is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world and one of over 150 to be found in this province. Kids will happily spend hours climbing over the smooth rocks and exploring the area, although parents should be cautious as the sea can be rough and unpredictable. A walk around the quaint fishing town and a stop for ice cream completes your visit.
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In Search of the Best Cup of Tea

As a Brit, I know the difference between a posh cup of char and a proper builders tea. I know how to make tea properly in a pot and yes I own a tea cozy. But on busy mornings I’ll just chuck a teabag (imported from the UK of course) into a chipped mug and enjoy it just as much. Tea is part of most English people’s daily diet, in fact, we often joke my mum's blood runs steaming hot and brewed to perfection! She once burst into tears when we arrived at a rustic Canadian cabin to find they didn't have a kettle. Campfire tea turned out to be quite nice but it just shows how seriously Brits take their access to a good cup of tea.
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Where to Catch Free Festival Performances Across Canada This Summer

Catching a live music performance and enjoying a packed festival season is an integral part of the ultimate Canadian summer experience. Unfortunately, though, those all-access passes and VIP tickets can leave a gaping hole in your budget. What if you could see your favorite stars live in concert, laugh it up at a comedy festival and party outdoors all season long for the bargain price of—nada, nothing, not a dollar. Interested? Some organized events across Canada don’t have a cover charge at all
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A Japanese Garden in the Heart of the City

In keeping with Japan’s reputation as a tech leader, rooms at Chinzanso are equipped with a complimentary smartphone which can be taken outside of the hotel and provides internet access and free calls. These phones come with google maps installed which makes navigating the city a cinch. Free international calls can also be made to certain countries including the United States, so you can call home and let everyone know that you are safe and sound.
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A Tourist's Guide to the Weather in Paris

Asking when is the best time to visit Paris is like asking when is the best time to eat chocolate. The answer is anytime, yes, preferably now. Paris has upwards of 30 million visitors a year. Deciding when to visit is an entirely subjective process. Without severe weather systems affecting your decisions, it really comes down to what you want to do and what’s important to you. Certain times of the year are better for some things than for others.
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Things to do in Southend-on-Sea

I grew up in east London. When I was at school, the playground was split into two clear demographics, posh kids who went to Spain or Greece on their holidays and the rest of us who travelled to the English coast for a seaside visit in Nan’s caravan. My fondest childhood memories include simple holiday pleasures. Devouring still hot freshly made doughnuts while walking along the pier or begging my mum to buy me a brightly coloured whirly gig to stick in the top of my sandcastle.
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Spa-cation Like The Ancient Romans

Walking around the terrace and underground chambers of the ancient Roman baths, it's easy to imagine how it would have looked to those bathers who relaxed here and worshipped the goddess, Sulis Minerva, back in AD 70. The steam still rises from the Sacred Springs like an inviting bubble bath at a temperature of 46°C. I waited my turn patiently lining up behind an excited school group to peek out from the old stone windows and feel the warmth of the water on my face.
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