Playing It Cool-Iceland with Kids

Any time of year is the right time to visit Iceland with kids. Known as a playground for adventure sports and heart-pumping activities, Iceland, dubbed the “Land of Fire and Ice,” surprisingly, makes for an excellent family-friendly vacation. Given its name, you would expect Iceland to experience frigid weather, but the temperature in winter averages 32 °F in the south — and for some people, it will feel balmy compared to back home. In summer, temperatures usually get up into the mid-seventies.

Surf and Turf - A Family Vacation in Turks and Caicos

People come to the Turks and Caicos to swim in impossibly clear waters and walk along white-sand shores. But there’s so much more to do on and off the beaches than just soak up the sun. Not just for honeymooners, the islands are an ideal family-friendly vacation spot. Away from those gorgeous beaches, check out these fun-filled activities and attractions to keep the whole family entertained.
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