Copywriting and Content Writing

I create engaging and actionable content, including blog posts, professional brand copywriting and content marketing, website pages, newsletters, UX copy, E-mails, social media posts, in-app copy, and more for a range of businesses and brands. I specialize in travel, education, and health and wellness.

    App Copy

    I was the Content Developer at the Fabulous, a health and wellness app with over 30 million users, for almost five years. I wrote in-app content, emails, social media posts, UX copy, scripts, and blog posts about the science of habit building. I also created content for their new launch, a healthy eating app named Shape.

    I collaborated on an educational language-learning app named Mauril for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio-Canada). 


    I write travel copy that inspires and informs. From profiling destination ambassadors to highlighting hotels and area features, I create wanderlust for National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Marriot Bonvoy, All Nippon Airways, Hilton, Tripadvisor, Ottawa Tourism Board and more...

    Warm Up at an Onsen Inn

    The macaque monkeys who regularly take to Japan’s natural hot springs with icicles hanging from their fur may do so simply to enjoy a reprieve from the cold winter temperatures. But there’s another intriguing reason these animals have made hot spring bathing part of their routine.

    Researchers at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park in Nagano prefecture have found that these simians take a steamy dip to benefit from the relaxing properties of the warm mineral-rich water.

    Experience the Art of Sake Making at These Breweries in Japan

    “Good water makes all the difference,” my guide explains as we tour a sake brewery that uses spring water from a source tapped 656 feet below the ground. At Nakano Sake Brewery in the castle town of Kitsuki, they take that water and combine it with mold and rice, waiting 40 days for it to ferment and brew. Classical music is piped through to the tank room to create the perfect environment — and it certainly works. This 6th generation brewery has won multiple awards for its sake.


    As a former teacher, I know how to connect with educators and students. I have written for Alumni magazines, Universities, schools and colleges. As well as public education sites like The American Migraine Foundation, and created "how to" guides for Patreon members to level up their businesses.

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      Bring the Whole Family

      Have you considered bringing the entire family along on an epic multigenerational trip with Hilton Grand Vacations? Family getaways are an amazing way to strengthen your bond. You’ll make special memories to cherish for years to come — be it that time grandpa took the kids snorkeling, the cousins playing in the sand or everyone creating a meal together to share — and if your family members live in another city or state, time spent together is even more precious.

      The Perplexing History of The Postcard

      With TouchNote, you can send ready-made postcards with a wide variety of illustrations and messages. Or add pictures of your vacation, your pets or pictures of you with your loved ones. Then personalize them with a message and cute stickers. Best of all? No need to go to the post office. We’ll send your TouchNote postcard, free of charge, anywhere in the world. Click here to send a personalized postcard – and we’ll give you 40% off your first postcard order* 🤗

      How German Musician Rival is Connecting with Fans Outside the Algorithm

      “I basically had no choice but becoming an artist,” laughed Valentin Rieff (who performs and creates under the moniker Rival) when we asked him about what ignited his music career. The 22-year-old pianist and electronic music producer from Düsseldorf, Germany also recalled his first musical memories. One involving sitting on his dad’s knee as he played the piano, and another of his mom who is a hornist in the orchestra.
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