Ottawa- My Hometown

I am originally from East London but I have made my home here in Canada's capital for the past 17 years. I love writing about this brilliant little city for The Toronto Star, The Sunday Times, Lonely Planet, Marriott Traveler and Ottawa Tourism.

5 Ways To Get Outside This Winter—That Aren’t Skiing

Skip the skis and try these winter sports instead.

When I moved to Ottawa 17 years ago, I was determined to learn how to ski so I could enjoy the four months of snow and cold we get here in Canada’s northern capital. However, after falling over on nearly every bunny run across the province, I discovered skiing doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. Instead, I've been getting my winter adventure kicks on ATVs, snowmobiles, dogsleds, and snowsh

Smoke It Low and Slow

When Mobeen Hussain Butt tries to pin down exactly when his appreciation for smoked barbecued meat began, he recalls a joyous family party held during Eid in Pakistan when he was just a small boy. As the sun set and the heat of the day receded, loved ones gathered to celebrate and feast together in the capital city of Islamabad. The smell of the charcoal and the heat from the barbecue are burned into his memory, as is the sweet taste of lamb skewers cooked on the flames.

Cruise Alongside Ottawa's Rideau Canal On An Effortless Cycling Daytrip

Effortless, you say? That doesn't sound like a cycling jaunt around the city. Well, this bike trip is on an electric bike so it really is about as easy as pushing a button!

Of course, you can choose to leave the feature turned off on hybrid bikes and rely on good old fashioned pedal power, but when confronted with a steep hill or just when your legs start to get tired the automatic function on e-bikes can be a real life-saver.