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I'm Fiona Tapp, Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer.

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New Year’s Resolutions Gone Bust? Here's Help

Whether you planned get fit or get less screen time, there’s a good chance you’re already giving up on those goals. We've got you. For many, January represents a blank slate, a new beginning. It’s the perfect time to make some promises to yourself and plot out your best year yet. Promises such as exercising more, eating healthier, losing weight, trying less screen time and saving more money are the most popular resolutions for 2023.

Some People Thrive After Trauma. Here’s Why.

Psychotherapists and mental health experts — plus a former sniper — share insights on why certain people thrive after great adversity. The pandemic was a collective, global trauma. Even if you were lucky and navigated the last few years without losing loved ones, a job or becoming ill, the experience of living under lockdowns, the uncertainty of a dangerous virus spreading through the world and the curtailment of freedom was a lived trauma.

Saving the Future: Climate Action and the Rights of Nature

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A landmark case is currently making its way through the legal system in Canada, the very first of its kind. A group of seven young eco-activists are taking the Ontario government to task for failing to live up to several climate change targets. But it's the argument these young mavericks use that's truly revolutionary. It’s the first time in Canadian history that climate change has been cited as a violation of a Canadian citizen's charter rights.

Why Solo Travel Is on the Rise

Today’s travel enthusiasts aren’t waiting around for a plus one. There’s no doubt that lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic changed the way we vacation and travel. For many months, airplanes sat dormant and airports were ghostly empty. Even some ground travel was off-limits. It’s no wonder that, as airports are once again operating normally, people are keen to get back to traveling the world freely. What is surprising however is how they are doing so...

Warm Up at an Onsen Inn

The macaque monkeys who regularly take to Japan’s natural hot springs with icicles hanging from their fur may do so simply to enjoy a reprieve from the cold winter temperatures. But there’s another intriguing reason these animals have made hot spring bathing part of their routine. Researchers at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park in Nagano prefecture have found that these simians take a steamy dip to benefit from the relaxing properties of the warm mineral-rich water.

Kayaking in the Desert

When I arrived in Scottsdale, I expected to find towering saguaro cacti, parched landscapes, and red rock formations. What I wasn’t counting on were all the opportunities available to see the Sonoran Desert from the water. Arizona remains an incredibly popular U.S. destination, welcoming more than a million Canadians every year who come to escape winter, enjoy the local spas, play golf and shop.    But as Old Town Scottsdale is within just a 60-minute drive of eight lakes and rivers, it’s worth trying a range of watersports in the desert, including kayaking.
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