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The Swedish Tradition of Death Cleaning Explained

We often only really know people in snapshots, through the role they played in our lives rather than the sum total of their experiences and life events. When loved ones die and we’re left to sort through their belongings, new dimensions of their life stories and personalities are revealed within the cupboards, drawers and storage bins of their homes: old love letters, the remnants of abandoned hobbies or a penchant for saving every elastic band, string tie or margarine container for some imagi
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How Sanitary Are Steam Rooms And Saunas, Anyway?

HuffPost chatted with a few experts to get the breakdown on what you need to know about steam rooms and saunas, from the bacteria you may encounter to what you should do to protect yourself from anything that might be lurking. Check out their advice: A visit to a steam room or sauna can be a powerful way to relax. It’s a practice that has evolved over centuries from people using steam and hot water as a self-care tool.

Do Therapists Ever Google Their Patients?

Google can be a blessing and a curse. Employers use it to check out prospective employees and make sure they’re a good fit with their company’s culture. A little research before a first date can help you save time and feel safe before meeting a stranger. And when it comes to health care, you may check ratings and reviews of doctors or therapists. But are they Googling you too? HuffPost asked a number of mental health professionals if they ever research their patients before an appointment.
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What's REALLY Lurking In Those Pedicure Tubs?

Minor injuries, including cuts and scrapes, are common at the spa. If you have ever experienced an overly aggressive technician or suffered from broken skin during a treatment, it might be time to think about health and safety standards for your pedicure appointment. Going to the nail salon for a pedicure can be a relaxing self-care method. From flicking through magazines to playing around with the settings on the massage chair, it’s a brief retreat from the stresses of everyday life.
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Here's The Right Way To Run Outside In The Winter

When I first moved to Canada, I decided that a great way to meet some friends in my new adopted country was to join an outdoor running club ― in January. My first run didn’t exactly go well. I slipped on a patch of ice at the entrance of a tunnel, fell on my bum and got totally soaked. When I returned home, the skin on my thighs was burning and prickling, and the end of my nose felt strange. I jumped into a hot shower to warm up and quickly discovered that one of the worst things you can do fo
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How to Stick to Your Diet Without Ruining Everyone Else's Holiday Party

Eating natural, unprocessed foods is a super route to health and wellness, and it’s one of the least complicated healthy eating routines you can follow. Rather than weighing every meal or calculating calories, you simply eat foods that are as close as possible to their natural state. Fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and organic meats are in — and packaged, high-sodium, and preservative-laden convenience foods are out.
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