Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex Than Their Parents Did at the Same Age?

Free-thinking liberal millennials, also known as the ‘hook-up’ generation, are swiping right on multiple partners and swinging from the chandeliers every weekend, right? The truth is actually way more vanilla. In fact, according to two studies by Mumsnet and the journal Archives Of Sexual Behaviour, those born after 1990 are having less sex than their parents did at the same age — and even coupled-up millennials are experiencing a sex drought.

The Importance of Sleep for Students –

Students are often depicted as perpetually awake. They pull all-nighters to study for a test one night and party hard the next. But these habits could harm more than just their grades. Burning the candle at both ends means that students often forfeit a good night’s sleep. But undermining the importance of sleep can have devastating consequences on our health and wellness. Once we close our eyes and fall asleep, our body moves through different phases of sleep mainly consisting of Rapid Eye Move

Are You Happy? What Is Happiness and Is It Attainable

Are you happy? What is happiness? What does it mean to you? It turns out that there is no single definition. Our age, culture, and upbringing can call affect how we perceive happiness. We base our perception of our lives and how content we are on our current circumstances. Once we meet our basic needs, happiness can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s love and romance. Others crave a sense of purpose and passion.

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Mom About Her Health ASAP

When it comes to assessing your risk for a variety of health conditions and diseases, your parents can provide a wealth of information that can help doctors to treat you correctly. This is especially true for your mom and her side of the family tree. Not all health problems have a genetic component, but understanding more about your maternal health history can help you to understand your own body better and make predictions for the future. But first, you need to ask the right questions.

New Service Promises to Manipulate Your Wife Into Having Sex With You

Relationships, the saying goes, are hard. Many couples find their sex drives are mismatched over time, a problem that sex therapists often suggest fixing by working on communication. The Spinner, launched in April of this year, offers a different route to marital bliss — the online service encourages dissatisfied husbands to skip all that messy relationship effort and instead try to manipulate their wives on a subconscious level, in a way only possible in the age of the Internet.

The Cult of Aspirations: Is Happiness Enough?

Is it wrong to want more? Should it be enough to meet our most basic needs of survival? Or should we set our aspirations as high as we can? For many of us achieving our goals is difficult, but having a goal, and striving to achieve it, is inspiring, it is after all the genesis of the entire wellness movement. Our aspirations, however, often don’t line up with our behaviors, as a 2014 Nielsen study concluded when it found that 75 percent of respondents felt that they could manage their health is

Death Cleaning: So Much More Than A Final Tidy

Nobody likes to feel out of control. Which is why facing our own mortality and realizing we have no agency over when or how we will meet our end can be disorienting. Controlling our immediate environment, however, is within our power. Creating an orderly home, with a place for everything breeds contentment and studies show can actually help to lower stress. Tackling our household cleaning and getting to grips with a lifetime of clutter has become an end of life trend worth exploring. Death cle

The Swedish Tradition of Death Cleaning Explained

We often only really know people in snapshots, through the role they played in our lives rather than the sum total of their experiences and life events. When loved ones die and we’re left to sort through their belongings, new dimensions of their life stories and personalities are revealed within the cupboards, drawers and storage bins of their homes: old love letters, the remnants of abandoned hobbies or a penchant for saving every elastic band, string tie or margarine container for some imagi
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