Fun, smart outdoor-themed products to reignite kids' wanderlust

Canadian kids, just like their parents, just passed the one-year milestone of Covid-19 restrictions. Our youngest citizens have had to sacrifice so much. They’ve endured months of homeschooling and haven’t been able to socialize with their friends, see extended family members or attend extracurricular activities — and even when in-person learning resumed, their experience of school was far from normal.

All the products you need to care for your lockdown facial hair

As their work life went remote and social plans ground to a halt during the pandemic, many mens’ facial grooming routines took a bit of a nosedive. After all, if you don’t have to go into the office and you can’t visit friends and family, pop into a coffee shop or even work out at the gym, why bother shaving every day? In fact, if you spent the lockdown growing an impressive, playoff-style beard, you’re in good company. Celebrities including our own Jim Carrey grew thick bushy beards and embrac

Cyber Monday: The best deals in Canada

You thought the big Black Friday sales were all over and you’d have to wait until Boxing Day for new deals on all your favourite products. Ah, but not so fast – today is another exciting shopping event promising huge discounts. It’s Cyber Monday! With more of us online shopping than ever before this year, the “Cyber” tag feels a little redundant. Still, who are we to quibble over semantics when there are deals to be had?

Save Big During Bay Days at Hudson's Bay

From its historic beginnings as a fur trading outfit back in 1670, The Hudson’s Bay Company, or The Bay as it’s often called, has grown into one of the most successful and famous Canadian stores. Those stylish stripes of green, red, yellow, navy and white on their iconic point blankets signify timeless class, style and quality. So, it’s no wonder that their twice-yearly sales, held in spring and fall and known as Bay Days, are some of the busiest and most popular sale days in the country. Bay D

Shop This Exclusive Line of Handcrafted Canadian Artisan Products at Simons

The quintessential elegant Quebec department store Simons began life as a small family business back in 1840. At that time, to stock his store with unique finds, owner John Simons had to make over 70 Transatlantic crossings, picking up the most sought-after European fashions and textiles. In 1870, the shop expanded to 20 Côte De La Fabrique, in Old Quebec, where that street name over a century later has inspired a collaborative project: Fabrique1840.

Knix Uses Virtual Bra Fittings to Give You The Perfect Fit

Of all the different types of clothing and accessories you wear, your bra is one piece that just has to fit right. As a foundational garment, bras affect how all other clothes look and feel. They have a significant impact on your comfort, your posture and even your mood. Anyone who has experienced a band that’s too snug, straps that fall down or overflowing cups knows how important it is to get the perfect fit.
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