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Being a Work-From-Home Mom is Actually Kind of the Worst

Sure, this arrangement means I've got flexibility, but along with it comes a lot of hassle—and more guilt than I ever could have imagined. All parents are striving for more balance—fewer hours at work, more downtime with our families. But in an effort to achieve career success and provide all the perks of a middle-class upbringing, parents are working harder than ever. A recent study showed that 41 percent of full-time working parents have seen their hours increase in the last five years.

Here's How Expensive It Is To Buy Donated Breast Milk

Breast milk is called "liquid gold" for a reason my friends, and not just because the title is catchy. From the antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses to the relatively low cost of breastfeeding, breast milk is the preferred choice for a number of new moms and for a variety of reasons. But if nursing isn't possible, for either personal or medical reasons, breast milk doesn't have to be completely off the menu. How expensive is it to buy donated breast milk, though? And perhaps more imp

Want To Raise Great Kids? Teach Them To Be Losers

"Everyone gets a trophy!" The single-biggest corrupting force of the Millennial generation is supposedly our parents' efforts to boost our self-esteem by making everyone a winner. And sure, handing out a tie-first place ribbon to everyone does devalue the training and discipline that defines a winner, but I think the tide has turned on this strategy somewhat. We are beginning to understand more widely that we need to teach kids to be good losers, because everyone already knows how to win. In fac

New Moms Want To Know: Should You Put Off Bathing Your Baby Post-Birth?

At one point it was standard practice for newborn babies to be whisked away from their mothers right after birth, if only so they could be "cleaned up" and "ready" to be presented to their parents. Today, however, it's safe to say that most mothers want their babies placed directly on their bodies after birth, so skin-to-skin contact can initiate the bonding process immediately. So that begs the question, should you put off bathing your baby after they're born? While there are varying opinions r

Debate Club-Is the Role of Grandparents to Spoil Their Grandchildren?

We have an ‘F’ word in our house and it’s probably not the one you are thinking of. From the time my son was old enough to offer running commentary during story time, he has also objected to this word. We refer to the hungry caterpillar as ‘large’ or ‘plump’ but certainly not ‘Fat.’ It’s just not polite and besides, I don’t want him to be so focused on weight and body image at such a young age.
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