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Self-Care Moves For Even The Busiest Moms

Becoming a mom is a huge adjustment for anyone. A whole host of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes accompany your integration into the “mom club.” Combine that with all the extra responsibilities of caring for a small person and the fact that you are likely operating on reduced sleep, and it’s no wonder moms can start to feel burned out. What’s more, moms are natural caretakers, which means we ensure that everyone in the family is well-fed, looked after, and hap
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My Parents Didn't Love the Man I Brought Home: What Happened Next

It was the very first moment of the new year. I stood under the shattered light of the disco ball as Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen” played. The ball had dropped, Auld Lang Syne had been sung and now Dexy’ ditty was the theme tune for couples all over the dance floor to start kissing. I was about to leave, having noticed my two girlfriends had found partners to smooch. Then he was there,”Happy New Year?” he offered and leant down to give me a kiss. I was 17, he was 25.
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Harmful Home Remedies That Don't Work

Any herbal supplement or remedy could potentially cause liver or kidney failure or have dangerous interactions with other medications you may be taking. That's why All patients of all ages check with their doctor first about what home remedy they want to try. Better safe than sorry!" He warns all his patients that many herbal supplements are not tested by the FDA and may have many potential risks and side effects. herbal supplement or remedy could potentially cause liver or kidney failure or have da

Beautiful, Modern Wedding Vows for Feminist Brides

It's about time the traditional wedding vows had an overhaul. Those sacred words—to love, honor, and, especially, obey—don't have much significance in today's modern world and can sound downright oppressive to many brides-to-be. But what should the perfect marriage promises include? We talked with real brides to find out what their marriage vows meant to them. Eleven years ago, I was married in the tropical heat of a Cuban beach resort . The vows that the officiant translated from the original
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I'm Going on Vacation Without my Kids, and I Can't Wait. Don't Judge me.

I love my son without limit. He is right in the middle between babyhood and being a big kid. At three years old, he still has that little soft blur around his features, and he can still fit on my lap curled up like a cat. But he is also stretching out, becoming more angular. His knees are scuffed. His fingernails get dirty quicker than I can clean them. He is shedding his infant title and becoming a boy, right before my eyes. And up until now, my son and I have never really been apart. My husba

Smashing the Patriarchy, One Happy Marriage at a Time

To some women, marriage represents an oppressive transaction between two men: a father and a suitor. In this view, the woman is merely chattel, a possession to be priced and sold. Not surprisingly, women who see marriage this way are in no rush to make a trip down the altar and, in fact, actively oppose marriage as an institution. But other women are redefining the marriage agreement and finding that it supports, rather than crushes, their feminist ideals . We spoke with three married feminist
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How to Survive a Sociopath Boss

Once you become an adult, you may presume your days of being pushed around by the schoolyard bully are over. However, 45 percent of US workers claim they have been bullied at some point in their careers — a particularly damaging experience if the tormentor holds a position of authority. A bad boss, much like a bad teacher, can turn Sunday evenings into an anxiety-filled prelude to a week of stress. Almost everyone has had a bad boss at one time or another, but when does annoying behavior morph
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10 Words and Phrases You Should Ban From Your House

They say that words will never hurt you, but most of us know better than that. Language is important and can be a powerful method to bully, humiliate and attack. No good parent knowingly hurts their child, however, you could be using language in your home that causes pain to your child now or in the future, without fully realizing the effect your words can have on your developing child. With each generation we become a little more refined and a little more sophisticated, you only have to chat w
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Signature Looks That Could Be Aging You

Can you even imagine Gwen Stefani in the 1990s without her bold red lip? A bright red lippie can give you confidence and project a bold, self-assured look, and scientists at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom even did Can you even imagine Gwen Stefani in the 1990s without her bold red lip? A bright red lippie can give you confidence and project a bold, self-assured look, and scientists at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom even did a study showing that red is the
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Calgarys Child Magazine March April 2017

Is there anything worse than a sick child? The mess, the smell, and the fact that your little one is suffering, now take all that on the road! Motion sickness affects about a third of the population and occurs when there is an imbalance in the inner ear, caused by the repetitive motion of the car. Symptoms can include dizziness, headaches and of course, vomiting. All prepared parents would be wise to carry a sickness kit in the car which should include garbage bags, tissues, wet wipes, mints (if your child is old enough) hand sanitizer, spare clothes and a hand towel.

Job Hopping Your Way up the Ladder

The job market sure has changed in the last quarter century or so. Baby boomers were pretty much guaranteed a job for life, many started with an employer when they were still a teenager and worked for the same company right up until retirement. That sort of job security, unfortunately, has long since passed. There were also more pickings for job hunters. My mom likes to tell a story about when she was a young woman working in the city of London in the swinging 60's and was laid off on Friday af
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How Much Sleep Do Children Really Need Anyway?

Bedtime. That serene oasis sandwiched between the seemingly never-ending list of chores, childcare and work expectations, and the moment you crawl back into your duvet pit and catch a few restless hours of sleep before it starts all over again. If my toddler tries to buck bedtime, I find myself enraged, as though he is purposefully trying to steal that little slice of heaven when I can watch TV, eat something good without being forced to share with little grasping hands and my body is my own and not some combined vending machine/jungle gym.
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