Ottawa Culinary-themed Itinerary Ideas for Packaged Travel

With an eclectic mix of cuisines, bustling farmers’ markets, upscale restaurants and fun tasting tours, Ottawa is a group and independent foodie travellers’ delight. Visitors get to taste the best local flavours as they explore the hippest neighbourhoods and the city’s surrounding countryside. Use this 3-day sample itinerary as inspiration to plan a memorable culinary trip to Canada’s capital for your group and FIT travellers. Bon appétit!

What Does Detox Tea Do? What to Use & Avoid — With Recipes!

It’s no secret that black and herbal teas offer many health benefits.[1] Some people consume teas to detox the body. However, many of these so-called detox teas, particularly those with Senna or Cascara, contain ingredients that act as harsh laxatives and cause more harm than good. On the other hand, certain herbal detox teas contain helpful, body-detoxifying ingredients. How do you know the difference? And what does detox tea do?

How German Musician Rival is Connecting with Fans Outside the Algorithm

“I basically had no choice but becoming an artist,” laughed Valentin Rieff (who performs and creates under the moniker Rival) when we asked him about what ignited his music career. The 22-year-old pianist and electronic music producer from Düsseldorf, Germany also recalled his first musical memories. One involving sitting on his dad’s knee as he played the piano, and another of his mom who is a hornist in the orchestra.

Ani DiFranco On Why She Never Signed With a Major Label

If anyone could rest on their laurels, it’s Ani DiFranco. The legendary singer-songwriter, activist, photographer, record label owner, and foundation starter has seemingly done it all. But she didn’t get where she is today by playing it safe — more on that later — and she isn’t going to start now. In fact, DiFranco’s creativity is fueled by her ability to be comfortable taking risks and dealing with challenges ...

Here’s What Happened in October’s Episode of Hang Time…

Welcome to October’s Hang Time recap! Every month, Patreon CEO Jack Conte joins with brand marketing expert Taryn Arnold, as well as other Patreon staff and creators, to bring you the latest on news and events happening in our community. The livestream is always helpful and fun to watch — ya know, live. But time-strapped creatives can get a quick overview of what was covered in this blog post. Here’s what happened during Hang Time in October… We love to hear what’s going on between you and yo

Cryptocurrency and Community.

We’re in the midst of an economic revolution according to The Block’s CTO Jake McGraw. Although cryptocurrency has already been around for a decade it’s only recently that the industry is stepping out of the shadows, away from rumor, speculation, and hysteria to be better understood. That has only been accomplished through rigorous analysis and reporting and that's exactly what members of Genesis, from The Block, can expect. Members of this exclusive club which McGraw is proud to call a communi
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