Finding Your Purpose: Discover What you can Achieve with a New Fabulous Journey

Fabulous users, get ready for a new and exciting journey to discover your untapped potential. We’ll show you how to combine your interests with unwavering perseverance to accomplish your greatest goals. This journey will show you how to foster a tenacious spirit which will guide and motivate you towards your true purpose. Successful people are armed not only with talent but with a “can-do” attitude and a high degree of self-belief.

Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex Than Their Parents Did at the Same Age?

Free-thinking liberal millennials, also known as the ‘hook-up’ generation, are swiping right on multiple partners and swinging from the chandeliers every weekend, right? The truth is actually way more vanilla. In fact, according to two studies by Mumsnet and the journal Archives Of Sexual Behaviour, those born after 1990 are having less sex than their parents did at the same age — and even coupled-up millennials are experiencing a sex drought.

2 Vacations in 1 Cruise

This cruise-newbie finds out vacations at sea are the perfect, versatile family-friendly trip. I sold the idea of a cruise to my four-year-old son by telling him we were going on a boat – he loves all sorts of transport vehicles and was excited about the idea of living and sleeping on a ship. His fevered anticipation was contagious. Upon arriving in Miami on the big day for embarkation, I was just as excited as my son when I realized how big the ship was, with a guest capacity of just under 4,000 passengers.

The Importance of Sleep for Students –

Students are often depicted as perpetually awake. They pull all-nighters to study for a test one night and party hard the next. But these habits could harm more than just their grades. Burning the candle at both ends means that students often forfeit a good night’s sleep. But undermining the importance of sleep can have devastating consequences on our health and wellness. Once we close our eyes and fall asleep, our body moves through different phases of sleep mainly consisting of Rapid Eye Move

It’s Not a Flirty Nanny You Need to Watch Out For, it’s Your Husband!

Picture a cosy weekend evening in a well-off family home. Mum goes out with female friends, leaving the nanny to mind the children and Dad to amuse himself. It’s a familiar enough situation. But for Melanie, an 18-year-old au pair, it was a minefield: another evening fending off the attentions of her male employer without alerting his wife, for that would cost her job, however innocent her own actions.
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