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11 Essential Gifts for Your Camping-Obsessed BFF

Does your bestie love to get out in the wilderness for a log fire, tent, and all the great outdoors she can handle? Then she might be just a *little* camping obsessed. She probably already knows how to build a campfire and thinks a summer camp for grown-ups sounds ah-mazing, but to celebrate the season (and how awesome she is), spoil her and make her adventures a little easier with one of these stylish and functional gifts designed for the outdoorsy crowd.
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Tilray: A Pioneering Medical Cannabis Cultivator

The name Nanaimo incites thoughts of a chocolate-y, layered dessert. But the yummy bites are named after a city on the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., which is also home to an established licensed producers of cannabis — Tilray, which was founded in 2013. Although they are located on the west coast of Canada, so far they are also the only American-owned (by Privateer Holdings, a private equity firm), Health Canada-licensed producer of medical cannabis on the planet.
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The Swedish Tradition of Death Cleaning Explained

We often only really know people in snapshots, through the role they played in our lives rather than the sum total of their experiences and life events. When loved ones die and we’re left to sort through their belongings, new dimensions of their life stories and personalities are revealed within the cupboards, drawers and storage bins of their homes: old love letters, the remnants of abandoned hobbies or a penchant for saving every elastic band, string tie or margarine container for some imagi
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Solar Myths VS Solar Facts

When you first told your friends, family, and colleagues about your plans to go solar, you were likely greeted with excitement, but also come confusion surrounding the installation process. With so much misinformation around the web, it can be difficult to make an informed decision, so let’s get to the truth as we address the most common myths regarding solar energy and the facts you need to make the best possible choice for your home.
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Teaching Compassion to Kids

During my 13 year career as a teacher and school administrator, I often thought about the purpose of education. What were the essential lessons and skills I needed to impart to my students? And how could I best guide them in becoming successful adults? Initially, fresh out of college and filled with optimism, I thought it was imperative to teach children to think creatively and to question the world and its rules. Over the years as I became bogged down in bureaucratic standards and goals, I focu
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Where to Catch Free Festival Performances Across Canada This Summer

Catching a live music performance and enjoying a packed festival season is an integral part of the ultimate Canadian summer experience. Unfortunately, though, those all-access passes and VIP tickets can leave a gaping hole in your budget. What if you could see your favorite stars live in concert, laugh it up at a comedy festival and party outdoors all season long for the bargain price of—nada, nothing, not a dollar. Interested? Some organized events across Canada don’t have a cover charge at all
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A Japanese Garden in the Heart of the City

In keeping with Japan’s reputation as a tech leader, rooms at Chinzanso are equipped with a complimentary smartphone which can be taken outside of the hotel and provides internet access and free calls. These phones come with google maps installed which makes navigating the city a cinch. Free international calls can also be made to certain countries including the United States, so you can call home and let everyone know that you are safe and sound.
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8 Dreamy Farm Venues for the Rustic Wedding of Your Dreams

There are so.many.choices when it comes to planning your dream wedding — and figuring out where to even have the celebration tops on the list. (Seriously, it’s enough to make anyone want to run away and elope.) But if your wedding-day vision includes a dreamy pastoral setting and delicious, ultra-local food and drink, getting hitched at a farm is the ultimate in romantic rustic celebrations. We’ve rounded up the prettiest working farms where you can say “I do” — scroll down for the full list.
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